perry traveled at an average speed of 55 mi per hour for 3.5 hours and then traveled at an average speed of 60 miles per hour for 2.5 hours. what was the total distance in miles that perry traveled during this time

Accepted Solution

Answer:342.5 milesStep-by-step explanation:Given:Average speed for 3.5 hours = 55 miles per hourAverage speed for 2.5 hours = 60 miles per hourDistance is given as the product of average speed and time taken.So, distance, [tex]d[/tex], is given as:[tex]d=speed\times time[/tex]Now, when speed is [tex]55\textrm{ mi/h}[/tex] and time 3.5 hours, then distance is:[tex]d_{1}=55\times 3.5=192.5\textrm{ mi}[/tex]Again, for speed equal to [tex]60\textrm{ mi/h}[/tex] and time equal to 2.5 hours, distance is:[tex]d_{2}=60\times 2.5=150\textrm{ mi}[/tex]Therefore, total distance traveled is:[tex]d=d_{1}+d_{2}\\d=192.5+150=342.5\textrm{ mi}[/tex].Therefore, Perry traveled [tex]342.5\textrm{ mi}[/tex] during this time.